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New Members Showcase

AzSAE New Members Showcase

Bill Smith
, MSEC AZ President

Bill Smith, the President of Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC), a non-profit organization, recently joined AZSAE.  He looks forward to meeting other AZSAE members and seeing how the MSEC members can benefit from all that AZSAE offers.  MSEC serves as an employers association, with a general business membership.

The MSEC organization supports needs of their member businesses by providing HR training, access to legal services, supervisory training and day-to-day consulting.  Bill enjoys the variety of roles he has within MSEC and especially learning about creativity and innovation in other businesses.  When I asked him about the most important features of MSEC, Bill was proud to explain that the MSEC organization is strongest in their HR department support, with a strong talent pool that can fill gaps in a business as their need arises.  In his leadership role, Bill listens to struggles and business challenges that are common within many companies. He provides guidance for his members on issues relating to talent retention and works with HR professionals as they grow in their jobs. 

Bill shared two ideas on how to retain members in your association. These are great tips that may benefit your organization as well.  Bill said that these ideas have brought MSEC some success:

 “At our key events in benchmark years, such as 50th anniversary type occasions, we recognize our members who have been a member sine 1950 or 1970, etc.  We would present them with an anniversary logo on it.”

 “Each of our members have an account rep assigned to them who checks in on them periodically to share news about upcoming events or changes in the law, etc.”

We welcome Bill as a new member of AZSAE and when you get a chance, say hello to him.  Bill can be reached the MSEC office in Scottsdale, AZ at 602.955.7558, or email him at

Joanne Pineau CMP, CMM, Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau

It is a pleasure to meet and welcome our new members and is one of the highlights of my work with the AzSAE Membership Committee. My goal is to make sure that our organization is meeting the needs for professional development and business networking. In getting to know the members, I learn some unique things about their jobs and business goals. 

Joanne Pineau CMP, CMM is the Tourism Sales Manager for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau. She has lived in Sedona for a year and is passionate about her work there. One of her main goals is to bring group meetings to Sedona and support the business community. Joanne loves to meet other professionals in the industry and her job responsibilities provide her many opportunities to do that. She enjoys the community and marvels at the red rock scenic beauty. 

As a professional meeting planner for over 20 years, she understands clients’ needs. Joanne shared with me how she plans to bring meetings and events from various market segments.  The Chamber’s marketing plan is to attract groups by “blurring the line between vacation and meetings.” By offering a unique scenic setting, association and corporate clients will be inspired and be more creative in the work they accomplish.

Joanne says it’s the most beautiful place on Earth, in so many ways – for meetings and events.

Author’s Bio:
Bonnie Mattick, MA Ed, MBA, speaker and facilitator works with businesses and professional associations to help them build and engage their staff and improve their bottom line. Call Bonnie to speak at your next event or facilitate your meeting at 602-993-6691; email:

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